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Title: Choosing Laser Treatment for Acne

Summary: If you are suffering from acne and want it cured you might want to look into laser treatment for acne. More and more people are considering this method of healing their faces. Learn more about it and how it can help you.


Sometimes acne is just too stubborn and too ingrained to give up the battle. People who have had the more severe form of acne which is known as acne vulgaris are all too aware of this fact. Despite dietary changes, the body detoxification and every cream known to man and beyond some sufferers still have acne which seems to defy every attempt made to subdue it.

If your doctor or dermatologist has not yet suggested it perhaps you could ask them if some of the newer laser techniques that are being used to treat acne could help you. These laser therapies are shown to be able to target acne at the root of the problem. Using the lasers your dermatologist can actually target the sebaceous glands that are involved—talk about getting to the root of the problem.

The laser treatments cause an immediate reduction of the oils that are being secreted.  This treatment process can drastically impact your skin in just a few treatments.  You will usually receive 3-4 treatments and these are spaced apart by about 4 weeks. Throughout the process you should be able to notice improvement to your acne problem.

You can still continue to use most of your acne medications during the treatment period.

Your dermatologist will let you know whether this is a good idea for you or not. Just following each of your laser treatments you may notice some additional redness and slight swelling but this will disappear over the course of 30-60 minutes.

These lasers can also be used to target other areas of the body which may be showing devastation due to acne. Lasers are safe and approved treatment methods so if you need work done on your neck or back this can be done at your convenience. The biggest challenge for those who are considering this option is the laser’s hefty price tag. You will pay between 300 and 500 dollars for one treatment of one area of skin at a time.

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Title: Gaming Social Network For Devoted Gamers Is Finally Here

Summary: A social network is needed for gamers. Finally one is here. Learn more about a brand new gaming community that offers a ton of cool features and is making a splash online.


Have you ever wished there was a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace for gaming? Well it is finally here. Post videos, pictures, communicate, network and more at a brand new gaming community for only the best gamers online (like yourself!). The features are unlimited in terms of networking capability and the variety of things you can do in this brand new community.

Create groups and make your own personal gaming community within the site with only members of your clan or group. Get tips and share information on the embedded user forum. Make friends and network with some of the best gamers (and maybe even your best competition) online. Great content is constantly added and people are already raving about what this will do for gaming in general. This gaming community is making a splash since it allows so many features to the users who are a part of it.

The features don’t stop there. Post the screen captured video of your latest and greatest frag or head shot on the user contributed video section. It operates just like YouTube and is extremely easy to use. Get great cheats, concepts and tips for your next match or competition. It could not be easier to get started and registered on the website. In no time you will be networking, making friends and exploring the immense feature-rich atmosphere of this gaming community.

If you have ever wanted a great source for the latest news in gaming and the latest information in the game scene it is a simple no-brainer. This new gaming community can help you gain priceless experience and serve as one of the greatest gaming resources you have (even more so than your old-school “cheat book” or frag pedal). Check out this re-cap of features and decide if you want in on the best, growing gamer community on the internet.

  • Post videos/ montages
  • Talk to you friends
  • Post pictures
  • Make groups
  • Post in the forums
  • Gain experience by learning from other gamers
  • Make friends
  • Great Content

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